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Debt Placement

As licensed Commercial Mortgage Bankers, we constantly study the markets, formulating real-time insights on the deals that are getting financed, including deal structures and pricing. This analysis also gives us an intimate understanding of developing market trends. We then use this intelligence to determine how best to present each project and sponsor to the investment community. This data-driven methodology has shown to substantially increase funding success and allows us to structure the most optimal capital stack for our clients.

Real Estate Advisory

We have brokered real estate transactions ranging from $1 million to more than $100 million, benefiting projects and sponsors alike.

We use our national platform to maintain contact with investors looking for individual deals or opportunities to form new development relationships with sponsors. Our network of relationships includes everything from small family offices to multi-billion dollar funds, which allows us to locate the appropriate partner for any specific need.

We work closely with our clients to build and tell the ‘financial story’ of each project, including associated financial projections and sensitivity analyses. Our GIS/Mapping, Marketing and Research Departments create the custom materials required to effectively describe client projects to prospective partners.

We are a relationship-based organization, which is evidenced by our long-term clients and our ongoing Advisory engagements.

Homebuilder Mergers and Acquisitions

We work with the local and national directors of virtually all of the top-100 builders in the United States. This positions us to help builders of all sizes, including those looking to grow and align with a regional or national platform, and others who simply wish to divest their interests.

Land Advisors Capital uses its proprietary financial models to create detailed assessments and valuations of both assets and operations. The Opinion of Value we provide can be a productive first step, setting appropriate expectations and positioning for our builder outreach.

From there we present organizations in a comprehensive, organized and professional manner. We aim to match clients with the culture, growth strategy and acquisition approach that is right for them, all while maintaining the strictest standards of confidentiality.

M&A services we provide include:

  • Identification of company-specific merger and acquisition opportunities
  • Evaluation and improvement of competitive positions
  • Preparation of offering packages
  • Facilitation of new market entry
  • Providing platforms to expand existing operations
  • Structuring transactions
  • Assisting in/conducting negotiations
  • Developing integration strategies
  • Closing the transaction

The duration of a project often extends beyond the original underwriting. Debt instruments and real estate funds are bound to specific time horizons, which may not align with entitlement solutions, market cycles and capital maturity. We specialize in restructuring the capital stack, often locating new relationships with more advantageous structures. We leverage our deep expertise in this field to favorably reposition projects.

Recapitalization-related services we provide include:

  • Debt Refinancing (land, acquisition and development, construction, mezzanine, mini-permanent and permanent loans)
  • Identification of new joint venture partners
  • Identification of new operating partners
  • Fractional interests (Secondary market acquisitions and disposition of limited partnership interests in all asset classes)

Whether the catalyst is a Developer seeking replacement capital that better matches a new phase of development, or a capital stack participant who wants to exit a development at a defined point, Land Advisors Capital has the experience and expertise to guide a client through the restructuring process.