Land Advisors Capital


Land Advisors Capital works with real estate developers, property owners and capital providers to build strategic financial relationships to provide capital solutions. The company was founded in 2008, bringing together an executive team with collective experience spanning several real estate cycles. Our mission is to secure the right capital for every project, whether residential, retail, office or industrial. Learn More

Wide Market Coverage


Land Advisors Organization has 23 offices across the United States, offering national reach and experience in a multitude of markets. Our staff of more than 60 advisors brokered $4 billion in real estate transactions in the past three years , serving the nation’s most sophisticated land developers, homebuilders and investors. Learn More

Capital Markets Reach


Land Advisors Capital studies the markets, uncovering real-time insights on the deals that are getting financed, including deal structuring and pricing. We use this intelligence to determine how best to present each project and sponsor to the investment community. Our approach substantially increases funding success and structures the most optimal capital stack. Learn More

...we were in a tough spot needing to recapitalize a large project in northern Tucson and we were short on time and the market was still pretty flat.  The LAC team came through with a new equity partner and we were able to structure a very fair deal to start a new funding relationship..."

Mr. Chris Kemmerly, one of the largest home builders in Tucson and Flagstaff, AZ