Capital Placement

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Since 2015, we advised developers and builders throughout the country to raise hundreds of millions in capital to either start new projects or refinance existing communities.  We are not just making introductions.  We are in the trenches refining the financial projections, creating the graphics, mapping and the narrative to explain your transaction.  But it is not just about capital.  When our deals close it marks the beginning of a long term relationship, so matching personalities and chemistry is equally important as the closing or capital.  Let us help you navigate these complexities to achieve your goals.


We have been involved in single equity injections of $1MM to greater than $100MM to a single project or single sponsor. Through our national platform, we are continually in contact with equity providers looking for individual deals or to form new development relationships with sponsors to fund future growth.  Our vast relationships from small family offices to multi-billion dollar funds allows us to approach the appropriate equity provider on your specific needs and to achieve increased funding success.


Land Advisors Capital can assist in the placement of debt on new acquisitions, short term bridge lending, refinancing a loan coming due, and helping landowners, developers and investors optimize their optimal returns through their capital stack structure. We have relationships from Private Lending to traditional bank loans and all spectrums in between catering to the uniqueness of the specific asset class and project.